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Vegan Ranch Dressing!

A lot of my friends an family know I'm vegan (or at least try to be, as much as possible), because I love animals--and the meat and dairy industry is barbaric.  I've found a lot of alternatives for things I love, like: Ice cream, jerky, and well--butter.  Because, you know--cookies.  If you want to know what I buy, just message me on facebook or instagram--or tweet me. 

I'm from Texas; and like most Texans, I love ranch dressing.  So, I set out to find a vegan-ranch recipe, but couldn't find one that…

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Fringe Festival 2017

It was an honor to share the stage, at the 2017 Fringe Festival here in Nashville (which is still going on, by the way--get tickets here), with some of the most disciplined humans I know. Some are doctors, some are travel writers, teachers--and they still have time to be complete badasses--on top of already being brilliant. I'm lucky to call these strong, gorgeous, big-hearted women my friends.

I am completely enamored by this performance art.  I can't believe that's me! Actually--yes, I can; I don't…

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