I need your opinion! 🎄

Its almost that time--to start decorating for Christmas. However, I have already had my tree up for the last few weeks--Sorry, thanksgiving!  Hey! I haven't been home for Christmas since I've been dating my hubby, and it's the first Christmas in our new house so I needed to get an early start. 

So, I'm in the Christmas spirit and am going to need your help choosing a Christmas song... Should I sing "O Holy Night" or "The Christmas Song"? What do you think?  You can post your opinion here, or on my socials: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Yadda yadda...  Anyway, can't wait to do this; Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Hope you have a happy thanksgiving and safe travels for the holidays this weekend. I'm so thankful for all of you, your friendship, and your support.  See y'all after the turkilepsy.  Xx, Alicia 

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