🎶I Need A Dollar, Dollar 🎶-Aloe Blacc

Now is the time when labels are seeking new artists; the sooner I am finished with this project, the more likely we can secure a deal. With that said, I'm giving away my song, "Love Hangover" (I wrote this with my producer, Mike Gossin, of the award wining group, Gloriana, and Stephanie Bentley, who wrote Faith Hill's "Breathe" among many other hits).  We've already raised close to $9k on gofundme, and I've got about $6.7k left to pay before we can finish our record. I'm offering my song, "Love Hangover," for the "name your own price" from $0 to--I guess--infinity, OR for free (I just ask that you share this message and like my page, Alicia Beale); if even half my friends gave $1 that would at least get us to the point where we could start mastering. If you''ve already supported my gofundme campaign, then you're excused from this shameless self promotion, lol (I'm incredibly grateful--and please treat yourself with a download). Can't wait for you to hear our new sound, it's unlike anything I've ever done before. And, I say "our" because without the love and support of friends, there is no way this could be possible; this record is just as much yours as it is mine. Thank you very, very much. -Alicia

Thought this was appropriate, haha.  Enjoy!



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